2020 - 2021 Series

All lecture recordings require password protected in order to respect the privacy of our speakers.

Please contact us at medpridevcu@gmail.com for access.


Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy 101

We are thankful to invite back Elke Zschaebitz, FNP. Prior to her position at Georgetown, she helped to initiate transgender care services for students at UVA's Elson Student Health. She returns this year with Vanessa Fowlkes, FNP of Planned Parenthood to discuss gender affirming hormone therapy with us.



Voice Training: How Do You Hear Me?

Did you know that transitioning sometimes includes adjusting how you talk? Medicine with Pride is excited to present speaker Jaemin Yoo, a CCC-SLP OP speech and language pathologist, who will speak to us about his work supporting trans folks with their voices.



Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: 20 years of Medical Transition

Would you like to learn more about the longitudinal journey of medically transitioning? MedPride is honored to have speaker Seth Marlow give a talk on his journey through the last 20 years, from his experiences with bad doctors to his pregnancy.



MedPride: Affirming Mental Healthcare

"Since the pandemic began, crisis calls to Trans Lifeline ā€” a crisis telephone line staffed by transgender people ā€” have risen 40 percent and continue to climb," according to the Washington Post. Even pre-pandemic, 82% of surveyed transgender individuals seriously considered suicide at some point in their life while 40% reported attempting suicide, compared to 15% and 5%, respectively, in the general population. To learn how to provide better mental healthcare for this population, join MedPride on Thursday as Sarah Charboneau, LCSW, WPATH GEI Certified Gender Specialist, from the Transgender Health Alliance of Central Virginia (THACVA), discusses her experience.



The Lived Experience as a TransMan of Color

Join MedPride in welcoming speaker Charley Burton, a board member of Black Transmen Inc, as he talks about his experiences as being a trans man of color!



Intro to Affirming Healthcare for Gender Diverse Patients

Learn from Elke Jones Zschaebitz, FNP & assistant professor at Georgetown University, about providing affirming care to trans and non-binary patients in your future practice. Prior to her position at Georgetown, Elke helped to initiate transgender care services for students at UVA's Elson Student Health.



Addiction Recovery for TGNB Folx

This event is intended to provide insight into trauma-informed care, diversity with vulnerable populations, and hear stories of resilience and effects of alcoholism and abuse in the TGNB community. We will be joined by a panel of speakers including Charley Burton who is a Black Transmen Inc Board Member who also speaks throughout Virginia about his story of recovery from alcohol and drugs.



TransEmbodiements: Trans Sexualities

Join us to learn how to discuss sexual histories, including sexual dysfunction, with patients in an affirming, trauma-informed, and inclusive way. We hear from Lucie Fielding, MA (she/they) who is a sex educator, therapist, and author and will also offer backgrounds and frameworks that will equip you for more comprehensive and inclusive care.